About us

     Sedat Meşe, transfered to trading activity his past experiences from apprenticeship to mastery in automobile seat sector, manufactured the first made locked sofa bed seat for VIP cars, establishing his firm in Bursa in 1998 and continued his services with product of multifeatured rear triple seat named Millennium in 2000. Deciding to carry out his services in automobile seat sector in Istanbul Sedat Meşe came across Tayfun Aydın in 2010 and in 2011, they decided to service in the sector together establishing partnership in the principles of ''friendship and honesty''.

         Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Ikiel Design Metal Company is the leading manufacturer and supplier of electrical & motorized mechanical components which are applied to transform interior design of VIP cars. Our firm provides tailor made electric and motorized products; range of electric seats, TV lifts, electric table lift mechanism, motorized fridge and coffee machine mechanisms, designed according to the needs of VIP car designers and the final customers. Since launching with motto ‘’Continuous Innovation’’ Our company maintains its services with innovator management and professional team in line with needs of sector.